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April 2018

Deadly Threadly Exhibition

Artworks by (L to R): Jody Loaring, Tomoko Yamada, Jacky Cheng & Regi Cherini

A group exhibition of 4 artists; Jody Loaring, Tomoko Yamada, Jacky Cheng & Regi Cherini each exploring the medium of textiles and currently practising in Broome.

The exhibition showcases a collective journey of four women inspired by their environmental experiences, cultural identity and feelings of belonging connected by the common motivation to use their art practice to explore and represent something personal, a connection to inspiration, a memory, a social commentary or a desire to experiment with the common language - thread.

Exhibition opening times: Sat & Sun: 10am – 2pm, Mon – Thurs 10am – 4pm (6th -12th April 218)                                             Chinatown Project HQ, Corner Short & Carnarvon Streets, Broome WA

Tomoko Yamada:
Jacky Cheng: Instagram: @jackychengart
Jody Loaring: Instagram: @spottedray
Regi Cherini: Instagram: @morethreadly


Artist jacky Cheng talks us through the Deadly Threadly Show